Jamaica 20th June
WBC Muaythai Super Welterweight World Title
Malaipet Team Diamond (USA) vs Yodsaenklai Fairtex (Thailand, Current Welterweight Champion)

WBC Muaythai Middleweight World Title.
Lamsongkram Chuwattana (Thailand, Champion Middleweight) vs Farid Villaume (France )

WBC Muaythai Super Cruiserweight World Title.
Ashwin Balark – (Holland) vs Steve McKinnon (Australia)

IKF Pro Middleweight World Title.
John Wayne Parr (Australia) vs Marco Pique (Holland)

IKF Pro Cruiserweight World Title.
Manson Gibson (USA) vs Edwin Aguilar (Mexico)

IKF Pro Super Heavyweight World Title.
Rick Cheek (USA) vs Patrice Quattron (France)

IKF & IKKC Muaythai Light Heavyweight World Title.
Manu N’toh (USA, IKKC Champion) vs Vicente Vielvoye (Holland)

IKKC Muaythai Cruiserweight World Title.
Clifton Brown (Canada) vs Kaoklai Kannorasingh (Thailand)

IKKC Muaythai Women’s Lightweight World Title.
Germaine de Randamie (Holland, Champion) vs Julie Kitchen (England)

Baxter Humby (USA-Canada) vs Jiangtao Dong (China)

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