Muay Thai

  • Pasquale Galati wins by KO r1 vs Nathan Washington
  • Carol Earl wins on points vs Jamie Sherer
  • Simon Maait wins by KO r1 vs Isitoli Tamasi
  • Scott Wilson with by TKO vs Morgan Phillips
  • Noah wins by split points decision vs Mark Payne
  • Fizz Nafeez Hassan wins vs Nom
  • Tyler Brown wins vs Jack Edman
  • Mary Wildner winsvs Lisa Arsoska
  • Junior PTJ wins by split points decision vs Corie Wood
  • Mike White wins vs Sam Tus Company
  • Fabian Cutrone wins by KO r2 vs Mish Saad
  • Franz Sanchez wins vs Michael Mizrahie

Posted Monday, November 14th, 2011 at 8:31 am
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