An Awesome line up of fighters in this show

Saenchai Sor Kingstar    vs   Petchboonchu F.A Group

Saenchai Sor Kingstar vs Petchboonchu F.A Group

Chatchai Sor Thanayong vs Petchmorakot Theedet 99
Petchmorakot get awarded the decision.
Mutu Gaiyanghaadao gym vs Yodngern Tor Chalermchai
Mutu wins by way of a big knee knockout.
Rungpetch Wor Sangprapai vs Nongbia Chokngarmwong
Rungpetch by unanamous decision
Kangwanlek Petchyindee vs Petchsiri Por Siripong
Petchsiri takes the judges decision.
Palangtip Kor Sapaothong vs Manasak Narupai
Palangtip cuts Manasak’s forehead in the final munutes of the fightbut Manasak takes the points win.
Rungruanglek Lukprabart vs Pornsaneh Dangdangkungkatachiangmai
Pornsaneh is a bit like Rambo in the eighties and just charges his opponent from the get go
Pornsaneh Ko’s Rungruanglek for the win in round 2
Saenchai Sor Kingstar vs Petchboonchu F.A Group

The main fight of the night was a cracker.

Rob Cox describes it beautifully on his site and his review is quoted below.
“The main event was one of the most eagerly anticipated and talked about fights in a while with much at stake in the outcome. Saenchai, was as usual made to sweat right down to even up the odds against the strong young upstart Petchboonchu. Petchboonchu comes out looking like he wants to pressure Saebnchai from the off, knowing he has had a hard time making the weight. Saenchai looks to move around and fires in a few fast lowkicks. Petchboonchu keeps pushing forward and opening up with hard knees in the 2nd. Saenchai looks to keep him off with sharp pushkicks and spin him off balance from the clinch. Saenchai opens up with a few solid looking punches, but they don’t have any effect on slowing Petchboonchu down. Petchboonchui Keeps up his relentless attacks in the 3rd and marches forward taking the fight into the clinch and opens up with knees. Saenchai seems a little slow at first, but near the end of the round comes to life and starts to spin Petchboonchu off balance a little and fire in some fast left kicks. The 4th sees more of the same, with Petchboonchu marching forward and trying to get his knees going and Saenchai looking sharp with some razor sharp kicks and spinning Petchboonchu off balance. The atmosphere in the stadium is at boiling point as it moves into the final round. Petchboonchu pushes forward again, but Saenchai blocks his attacks well and fires in some more fast kicks. Petchboonchu keeps coming for a bit and the action is very close, both stand off thinking they have done enough to win, but Saenchai gets the decision and surely now the Sportswriters of Thailand boxer of the year award.”

Thanks to Rob Cox from for the photo

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