Total Carnage results

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

total carnage fight photos (69)WKN World Championship Full Muay Thai Rules – 96.600 kg
Nathan Carnage CORBETT (Australia) wins on points vs Stephane SUSPERREGUI (France)

WKN World Championship Full Muay Thai Rules Title 5×3mn – 69.900kg
Frank GIORGI (Australia) wins on points vs Tobias ALEXANDERSON (Sweden)

WKN Australian National Title Full Muay Thai Rules
Kym JOHNSON (Adelaide, SA) wins on points vs Brett WITTON (Gold Coast, QLD)

WKN Queensland State Muay Thai Title
Kyle WESTERBERG wins by judges score cards vs Odin DANIELS

Mark LUCCHIARI (Gold Coast, QLD) wins on points vs Daniel SMYRK (Melbourne, VIC)

Amanaki HAVILI wins on points vs Nase FOAI

Clayton COOK wins on points vs Jai BRADNEY

Ryan McDONALD wins on points vs Ben AUSTIN

* Photos Alastair Woods


Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012


WKN World Full Muay Thai Rules Heavyweight Title
Nathan Carnage CORBETT (Australia) vs Stephane SUSPERREGUI (France)

WKN World Full Muay Thai Rules Title 5×3mn – 69.900kg
Frank GIORGI (Australia) vs Tobias ALEXANDERSON (Sweden)

WKN Australian National Title Full Muay Thai Rules
Brett WITTON (Gold Coast, QLD) vs Kym JOHNSON (Adelaide, SA)

Mark LUCCHIARI (Gold Coast, QLD) vs Daniel SMYRK (Melbourne, VIC)


Nase FOAI vs Amanaki HAVILI

Jai BRADNEY vs Clayton COOK




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Wkn Fights Sydney

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Revolution-at-the-RoxyMuay Thai Fights

52kg Carol Earl (Bulldog Parramatta) vs Jaime Sherer (Colonels Muay Thai)
66.7kg Pascal Galanti (Bulldog Parramatta) vs Nathan Washington (Kum Sann)
84kg Mish Saad(Bulldog Parramatta) vs Fabian Cutrone (Tus Company)
75kg Junior (Ptj) vs Corie Wood (Black Hawk Muay Thai)
61kg “Fizz” Nafeez Hassan (Bulldog Parramatta) vs Nom (Tus Company)
80kg Sean Gardiner (Bulldog Parramatta) vs Isitoli Tamasi (GMA0
69kg Cameron Webb (Tus Company) vs Mondo (KMA)
69kg Salasi Ozorio vs Ben Gran (vt1)
86kg Simon BD(Bulldog Castel Hill) vs Joe Milic (Taipan)
70kg Franz vs Michael Mizrahie (Lightning Lee)
64kg Jack Edman(Bulldog Parramatta) vs Tyler Brown (PTJ)
57kg Lisa Arsoska(Hangar 4) vs Mary Wildner (SRG)

John Wayne Parr Documentary

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Looks like Parr is putting together a documetary on his life and fight career to date.
Should be awesome 🙂
check out the link to the site here

Yod vs Parr

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010
john wayne parr vs yodsenklai

john wayne parr vs yodsenklai

Yeah baby . This is the fight I’ve been waiting for!!!!!

Champion of champions 1 vid

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

This is  a trailer for the first Champion of Champions.

Cannot wait for the next puppy

Petchyindee promotions 3-4-2009

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

An Awesome line up of fighters in this show

Saenchai Sor Kingstar    vs   Petchboonchu F.A Group

Saenchai Sor Kingstar vs Petchboonchu F.A Group

Chatchai Sor Thanayong vs Petchmorakot Theedet 99
Petchmorakot get awarded the decision.
Mutu Gaiyanghaadao gym vs Yodngern Tor Chalermchai
Mutu wins by way of a big knee knockout.
Rungpetch Wor Sangprapai vs Nongbia Chokngarmwong
Rungpetch by unanamous decision
Kangwanlek Petchyindee vs Petchsiri Por Siripong
Petchsiri takes the judges decision.
Palangtip Kor Sapaothong vs Manasak Narupai
Palangtip cuts Manasak’s forehead in the final munutes of the fightbut Manasak takes the points win.
Rungruanglek Lukprabart vs Pornsaneh Dangdangkungkatachiangmai
Pornsaneh is a bit like Rambo in the eighties and just charges his opponent from the get go
Pornsaneh Ko’s Rungruanglek for the win in round 2
Saenchai Sor Kingstar vs Petchboonchu F.A Group

The main fight of the night was a cracker.


Saenchai Padwork

Friday, April 17th, 2009


Evolution 15 The Contender Qualifiers

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008
Evolution 15

Evolution 15

Australia’s biggest Muay Thai event is set to get even bigger in December when Evolution hosts a qualifying tournament for a place on series two of The Contender Asia. December 6 is set to be one of the biggest nights of Muay Thai action Australia has seen, when Evolution hosts a four man tournament to decide one of the 16 highly coveted places in The Contender Asia series two loft, along with some massive superfights featuring John Wayne Parr, Carnage, Preacher, Soren Monkongtong, Daddy Cool, and The Contender Asia’s Sean Wright and Dzhaber Askerov.

The four-man qualifier will see some of Australia’s best middleweights going toe-to-toe for the chance in a lifetime to appear on the reality series and have a shot at the $300,000 prize money.

In huge news for the sport, former WMC World Champion Warren Elson will be coming out of retirement for his shot at the Contender crown. Elson has beaten the likes of Preacher and Soren, and is sure to show some of the newer guys how it’s done. (more…)

Evolution 14 results

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
Wayne Parr in action

Dane beecham won his over a 5 rounds.
Corbett won his fight against the much lighter but taller thai.
Corbett took him out with an elbow which took the thai to a count.  When he got up Corbett just finished the job

Zidov was demolished by a body shot from Eli

Sean wright defeated the preacher with solid boxing skills

JWPs fight was apparently awesome. Any other fighter would have been knocked out by Askerov but Parr weathered the storm and went on to win on points.

Thanks to Scottya for the pics