Evolution 14 results

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
Wayne Parr in action

Dane beecham won his over a 5 rounds.
Corbett won his fight against the much lighter but taller thai.
Corbett took him out with an elbow which took the thai to a count.  When he got up Corbett just finished the job

Zidov was demolished by a body shot from Eli

Sean wright defeated the preacher with solid boxing skills

JWPs fight was apparently awesome. Any other fighter would have been knocked out by Askerov but Parr weathered the storm and went on to win on points.

Thanks to Scottya for the pics

Muaythai Legends Results Fairfield Halls London 16th August 2008

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Steve Wakeling has shown again that he is a fighter to be watched over the next few years with another impressive win.

WMC MAD World Title
Steve Wakeling (Scorpions, England) beat Diesellek KingBoxing Gym (Thailand) on points

Super Prestige Fight
5 x 3 mins Full Thai Rules 65 kilos:
Somluck Khamsing (Thailand) beat Kieran Keddle (KFA, England) on points

WMC World title
Bernise Alldis (Keddles, England) beat Maria Verheijen (Jego Gym, Holland) on points

3 x 3 mins 95+ kilo:
Dellian White (Team Red Dragons, England) beat Chris Knowles (Minotaurs, England) on points

5 x 3 mins Full Thai Rules 59 kilos:
Rob Storey (Keddles, England) beat Chris Heyneman (Belgium) by 1st round TKO

WMC European title:
Ruth Ashdown (Crawley, England) beat Leonor Agostinho (Portugal) on points

Big ben wins WBC welterweight title at Rajadamnern

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Big Ben has won the WBC Muaythai Welterweight from defending Champion Nopadeth 2 at Rajadamnern Stadium (4 August).

Big Ben Chor Praram 6 powered over Nopadeth 2 Chuwatana in four of five rounds to finish a comfortable winner 49-7, 50-47 and 49-47.

Big Ben used his superior body strength to dominate the championship to take his place as an elite world champion.

Nopadeth 2 won the third round after trailing in the second, but the final two rounds were the domain of Big Ben who was far too strong in grappling and finished too strong for his slower opponent.

Jomthong defeats Anuwat

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Jomthong Chuwatana outclassed defending WBC MUAYTHAI World Featherweight champion Anuwat Kaewsumrith  at the packed Rajadamnern Stadium (31 July).

Anuwat threw unrelenting hard punches for five rounds, but Jomthong courageously held his ground and used his strong kicking skills to take  the title from the Thai superstar.

The fourth round was the testing time for Jomthong when he bravely took two hard punches to the head and then evaded a lightning fast elbow strike to set up an impressive title victory.

The fight was a unanamous decision.

In the other WBC world title on the same Rajadamern championship card Kaiyasit Chuwatana proved far too strong for Daosaming Ingram-Gym, winning every round.

Kaiyasit produced a masterly display eclipsing his opponent with superb knee strikes


Thursday, July 10th, 2008

Thanks to the K1 website for this infoSato Ko\'s Baukow

Written by Monty DiPietro.

TOKYO, July 7, 2008 — Japanese kickboxer Yoshihiro Sato, 27, upset two-time K-1 World Max Champion Buakaw Por Pramuk of Thailand tonight at the K-1 World Max 2008 World Championship Tournament Final 8. In the evening’s Main Event, Japanese kickboxer Masato defeated Armenian fighter Drago.

With thunderclouds blanketing the Tokyo sky, the air hung hot and humid inside the historic Nippon Budokan. A full house of more than 11,000 turned out for the fightsport extravaganza, which comprised four World Max Championship elimination bouts, along with four one-match World Max bouts; a trio of contests in a new 60kg/150lbs weight class, and a pair of K-1 Youth bouts.


WBC Jamaica results

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Thai star Lamsongkram Chuwatana won every round against French champion Farid Villaume and easily defended his WBC MUAYTHAI Middleweight crown in Montengo Bay Jamaica on the 20th June.

Lamsongkram broke Farid’s right rib cage in the second round with strong knees. He then extended his points advantage to run out an easy winner..

On the same card WBC defending super welterweight champions Yodsaenklai Fairtex proved too strong for Malaipet Team Diamond.

Yodsaenklai dominated Malaipet over three rounds and Malapiet was unable to come out for the fourth round due to cuts inflicted by Yod’s dangerous elbows.

Steve McKinnon teep kick

The third WBC MUAYTHAI World Title was won by Super Cruiserweight Australian Steve McKinnon, who showed great strength and heart to triumph over Dutch toughman “bad boy” Ashwin Balrak.

McKinnon started strong and never let up to win the vacant title by a comfortable margin.

Knees Of Fury 21 Results

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Kym Johnson (SA) def Clayton Collier (QLD) via Unan Decision

Gary Williams def Martin Olzcak via Unan Decision (WMC SA State Super Middleweight Title)
David Gibb (SA) vs Lachlan Stewart (NSW) via R1 KO (6 or 7 punch combo KO, against the ropes – was like a video game.)
Shannon Jaensch (SA) def Daniel Smyrk (VIC) via Unan Decision (Shannon gave Daniel the winners trophy after the decision, though, as he thought Dan won)
Myles Simpson (SA) def Dimitri Iliev (NSW) via Unan Decision
Peter Slowinski (SA) def Michael Mansfield (Masa Gym – QLD) via Unan Decision
Jye Demmrich (SA) def Oliver Garas (Vavuzzi Gym – NSW) via Unan Decision

Dan Howe (Universal) def Matt Smedley (FUMT) via Unan Decision
Micheal Altamura (joip) def Kent Manos (southside) via Unan Decision
Dane Horrigan (warlocks) def Robbie Nienhaus (Barossa) via Unan Decision
Anita Pagnani (FUMT) def Adriana Matusicova (Christies) via Unan Decision
Scott Hughes (Sunrise) def Ben Fullendorf (fightclub) via Unan Decision
Adam Smith (Southside) DREW Dominico Amato (Fightclub)