Results Revolution at the Roxy

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Muay Thai

  • Pasquale Galati wins by KO r1 vs Nathan Washington
  • Carol Earl wins on points vs Jamie Sherer
  • Simon Maait wins by KO r1 vs Isitoli Tamasi
  • Scott Wilson with by TKO vs Morgan Phillips
  • Noah wins by split points decision vs Mark Payne
  • Fizz Nafeez Hassan wins vs Nom
  • Tyler Brown wins vs Jack Edman
  • Mary Wildner winsvs Lisa Arsoska
  • Junior PTJ wins by split points decision vs Corie Wood
  • Mike White wins vs Sam Tus Company
  • Fabian Cutrone wins by KO r2 vs Mish Saad
  • Franz Sanchez wins vs Michael Mizrahie

Evolution 18 Melbourne results

Monday, November 2nd, 2009


Fight 1
Tom Murray (Sor.Naksoo) vs Stuart Palmer (Everlasting Geelong)
Tom got off to a good start and maintained it

Fight 2
Daniel Smyrk (Martial Mix) vs Michael Demetriou (Don Millar)
UPD Mike 300
Mike used his counter style to great effect

Fight 3
Cedric NTG Kongaika (NTG QLD) vs Phillip Salesa (Ultimate Hoppers Crossing)
UPD Cedric
Some big shots between these monsters! Phil started off well but Cedric just took his time.

Fight 4
Andy Colgrave (Martial Mix) vs Superboi (Ultimate Airport West)
Superboi wins in 4R by multiple cuts

Fight 5
Angie Parr (Boonchu QLD) vs Nicole Brolan (Don Millar)
Maj Draw, so no title! Rematch???

Fight 6
Jared Grigor (Sor.Jaiphet) vs Brett Franklin (Sityodtong)
Brett wins before 4R, Jared’s calf injury has flared up. Brett was dominating until this.

Fight 7
Dane ‘Daddy Cool’ (NTG QLD) vs Prasert (WMC Thailand)
Prasert wins in 2R from head kick, he had 2 dangerous techniques, one was a high front push kick that
came out of nowhere, and the other was the head kick that lopped over the guard, this one dropped Dane clean. Nugget threw in the towel but I think it was deemed a KO.

Fight 8
Soren (NTG QLD) vs Naruepon (Fairtex)
Naruepon wins by clean head kick in 1R, Soren dropped cleanly but eventually gets up.

Fight 9
Paul Slowinski (Flinders Uni SA) vs Ben Edwards (Bulldog ACT)
Sting wins by leg kicks 3R, after downing Ben numerous times. Ben was all heart though and was not going to give up, he was leaving it to either the ref or doctor who were both concerned. Sting is world class, big things coming up for both these big boys no doubt!

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Evolution 17 results

Friday, September 4th, 2009




Quarter Final 1

JWP defeats Scerri on points but sustained some damage of his own.

Quarter Final 2

Cosmo Alexander defeats Dzhabar on points (cuts Dzhabar with an elbow in the 2nd round.)

Quarter Final 3

Preacher defeats Diego

Quarter Final 4

Madsua defeats Boom Boom on points

Semi 1

Cosmo defeats JWP with leg kicks in the 2nd round.

Semi 2

Madsua Defeats Preacher on points


Cosmo Alexander Defeats Madsua and get’s on spot in the 2009 Kings Cup

I must say after watching Yodsankli take cosmo apart this result surprised me but hey stranger things have happened

Malaipet won the WBC Superwelterweight title

Monday, August 31st, 2009
Malaipet throws a headkick

Malaipet throws a headkick

Popular Malaipet (Mongkhon Wiwasuk ) scored a points win over England’s Rick Fenwick to retake the WBC International Superwelterweight Title in the championship event staged at the Las Vegas Hilton on 25 July.

Malaipet had to use all his firepower to get the decision against Fenwick, who caused sensation when he beat the Thai expat star in California earlier this year.

China’s Muaythai superstar Kang En was unable to defend his Super Lightweight International championship scheduled on the same card against the Las Vegas glamour fighter Kevin Ross.

However, promoter Dennis Warner has rescheduled the contest for Las Vegas on 30 August.

Kang En won the title from Ross in an historic Muaythai championship event in Beijing early this year.

Little separated the two fighters in the first official professional Muaythai contest to be held in the China capital, but Ross is confident he can win the title this month in front of his home crowd.

On the same card Romie Adanza won the WBC Super Batamweight National Title with a K.O. round four win against Paulo DaSilva.
Special Thanks to Ray Kasprowicz for his dedication to this event with all the most important Photo shots.

Queens Birthday Thailand results

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Results so far

1.Petch-Angkan Kaewsamrit (Thai) lose Petch-Viengchan (Lao)
2.Petch-Nasai (Thai) lose Suwanchad S.Boodsarin (Lao)
3.Goldstar Kiattanadol (Greece) won KO2 Kared Kiatphontip ( Aus ) 72 kg.
4.George Jitti Gym (Italy) lose Phillip Kiatphontip (England) 57 kg.
5.Ploysuew Sakrungrueng (Thai) lose Ko4 Nicole BangklangMuaythai (Aus)
6.Briandon Kaewsamrit (Africa) lose Bualoy Sitchangchai (Thai)
7.Alex Kiatkamthorn (Sweden) won Ko3 Cyrus TigerMuaythai (Usa) 76 kg.
8.Saosing S.Sopit (Thai) won Adi Rompo Gym (Iran) 52 kg.
9.Mosas T.Seangtiannoi (Thai) won Edu Rompo Gym (Iran) 80 kg.
10.Crown Eminentair (Italy) lose Ko 2Chancheanglek S.Chancheang (Thai)
11.Justin Sit-Karuhad (Usa) lose Ko4 Samario IngramGym (Belgium) 72 kg.
12.Cara Synbi Muaythai (Aus) won Namwan RawaiMuaythai (Thai) 57 kg. Live on TV 11 time 2300-0100am
1.Namtan P.Muangpetch (Thai ) lose Olivia Kaewsamrit (SouthAfrica)
WPMF women title Super lightweight
2.Chantal P.Suwannachot (Italy) lose Clair TigerMuaythai
3.Alex Chiangmai Muaythai (Swiss) lose Panom TopKingboxing(Thai)
WPMF women defend title Featherweight champion
4.Pearwa S.Penprapa (Thai) lose Ko3 Melisa Eminent air (England)
5.Imran Sasiprapa ( England) lose ko4 Man Tanachot (Thai)
6.Kajornkiar Rachapat (Thai) won ko 3 Denis Muaythaiplaza (Ger)
Live on TGN time 0100-0300am
1.Charles Francois (France) won ko5 Bird Kam (Cambodia) 67 kg.
WPMF defend title Welterweight champion
2.Kongjak S.Tounthong(Thai) won Michael Lallemand (France)
3.Damien Alamos (France) won Ko1 Kim Sung Yong (Korea) 64kg.
4.Youssef Boughanem (France) won Ko3 Steve Sasiprapa (Korea ) 68 kg.
5.Olivia Jackson (France) lose Jedtamnan Sasiprapa (Thai) 51 kg.
6.Johnny TigerMuaythai (England) lose Leo Kiatpetch(Brazil) 65 kg

K1 Max 09 Final

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Had to stick Buakaw vs. Holzken up here as Buakaw is the man

Buakaw vs. Holzken from nopadon wongpakdee on Vimeo.

Other match ups on the night were
Masato vs Tatsuya
Jae Hee Chean vs Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto
Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Albert Kraus
Andy Souwer vs. Artur Kyshenko
Hinata vs. Askerov
Yamamoto vs. Drago

Evolution 16 results

Friday, April 17th, 2009
Jwp  beaten in the clinch

Jwp beaten in the clinch

Photo by Scott McAlinden

The Fight wrap up – thanks to MRMT from the sportzblitz forums.

“Taylor Harvey with a solid points win over Mark Sarracino. It was a tough fight and was pretty close in the end with Mark coming back in the dying stages but not enough to get the win. Taylor showed great strength in the clinches and countered very effectively. Handled Mark very well throughout and rattled him a few times. Nice win.

Daddy cool wins with a split points decision over Ts2. This fight was a good display of aggression from both ends. Ts2 landing some good hand combos. Dane never backed up and pushed forward all fight and countered most of Ts2’s attacks well. He split TS2(elbow)in the 2nd or 3rd round and Ts2 never looked too comfortable after this. It was a SPD but I thought Dane had him outpointed 3 maybe even 4 rounds.

Soren wins by TKO in the 5th round. Let me just say “fight of the night!!”. Sean started extremely well with sharp hands and troubled Soren for the first 2 rounds. Soren began to find his range soon after and worked the body shots and step up knees to brutal perfection. It then turned into an elbow fest with both fighters landing clean elbows and trading them like ABC childcare shares. Sean ended up with some nasty cuts and Soren exposed his right ribs with his knees. Fight was called off as cut was too deep and the end of an awesome battle of MT elbows. Sean is a tough biscuit.

Carnage beats Manue by TKO in 2nd round with leg kick to lead leg. Carnage is absolutely the most destructive fighter in his weight by far. He is so fast and powerful that there was little that Manue could do to hurt Carnage. Carnage’s speed and power is frightening and even at this weight, I honestly do not think anyone stands a chance. He is undoubtedly a wreaking machine. clinical and precise. Look out Spong cause Carnage does not need elbows to finish anyone off. He really is mind blowing in action except for the little lapse in concentration in the 1st round where he dropped for an 8 count(I just missed this minute or so as nature called).

Preacher beat Wolf by split points decision. Preacher just didn’t look too sharp tonight. He was busy as usual but didn’t land many shots and wasted alot of energy doing this. Wolf looked to trouble him with his evasiveness and nearly clinched this one in the end. This was a close fight and could of gone either way as Wolf countered Preacher really well all fight. Preacher was never in real trouble of getting knocked but only just got through with his workrate. He even looked a little relieved when he was given the nod by the judges. He should bounce back well after this win.

Well now to JWP. Tum wins by UPD. Tum had a fightplan and stuck to it. Tum kept his distance all fight and avoided JWP hands. When it got close though, Tum used his grappling experience to lock JWP up all fight and dumped JWP many times. I think he jagged/dumped JWP 10-15 times which displays his awesome ability in the clinch. JWP had his chances early on but found himself behind in the early rounds with catch up on his mind all fight. Tum was just too good in the close exchanges and actually tought JWP a lesson or two tonight in the art of MT grapple. JWP will learn from this and will come back stronger next time. JWP such a humble guy and gives credit to Tum in the after fight talk, he says it was a loss and thats all it was, a loss. You can’t win them all champ and that is why JWP is so well respected. Humble in victory and defeat.”

Liam Harrison Vs Sanchai

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

What a great fight- this is the second half of this top match up. Good work from Liam


Harry Richardson vs Keiran McAskill – Richardson points
Philip Tien vs Chris Bray – Bray points
Lee Taylor vs Ritchie Green- Green stopped Taylor with a knee I think.
Mark Little vs Ian Taverner – Little points
Danny Taylor vs Jonathan Fabian – Taylor wins points but I thought Fabian put on a great show and, personally, thought he edged it – just my opinion though.
Stuart Kemp vs Ian Goldie – Kemp stops Goldie
Mati Parks v Paul Kelly – Kelly stops Parks (elbow if memory serves)
Olly Watson vs Steven Jones – Jones wins on points
Greg Walton vs Troy Roe – Walton wins after Dr stopped it, Roe looking unsteady on his feet.
Dean James vs Antonio Rodriguez – James wins points
Dave Fenson vs Nate Smandych – Fenson wins on points with deserved win but credit to Nate for carrying on after taking an elbow which opened up a good cut.
Ruth Ashdown vs Sarai Medina – Ruth wins on points with a good performance, just kept stalking the Sarai. The spanish girl was here to fight though and was tough
Michael Wakeling vs Alex Galavotti – Good win on points for Michael, looked really strong.
Chris Knowles vs Daniel Sam – Sam wins on pts but Knowlsey just kept coming, despite some big shots.
Sheree Halliday vs Sandra Bastian – Bastian wins as ref stops its.
Damien Trainor vs Andy Howson – both great skills, had to be a winner though and Andy just looked unstoppable.
Rob Storey vs Mariusz Cieslinksi – Storey takes points win
Liam Harrison vs Sanchai – Sanchai win on points but Liam took him all the way.

Slamm 5 Results

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

A great line up of fighters

Link to the full show

70 kg: Sayaknoi vs Fikri Tyarti
WOP Sayaknoi

66 kg: Bovy vs Belaini
Winner TKO Bovy R1

Anuwat vs Mosab Amrani.
Winner: Mosad Amrani [TKO R4]

Seanchai vs Nico Verrezen.
WOP Seanchai

Lamsongkram vs Rayen Simson
Winner: Rayen Simson [fight stopped due to a cut]

Nieky Holzken vs Marco Pique
Winner: Nieky Holzken [KO R3]

K1 Max 2008 Final Results

Friday, October 3rd, 2008
Sato standing over masato

Sato standing over masato

Another K1 max final another “gimmee” to Masato .

Masato should have been beaten by Sato and then should have lost the final on points but it went through to an extension round and the fight was once again handed to him.

Fight #1: Reserve Fight #1: K-1 Rules
Yasuhiro Kido vs. Albert Kraus via TKO Round 2

Fight #2: Semi Final (1): K-1 Rules
MASATO vs. Yoshihiro Sato via Extra Round Decision

Fight #3: Semi Final (2): K-1 Rules
Andy Souwer vs. Artur Kyshenko via Extra Round Decision

Fight #4: Super Fight: K-1 Rules
Taishin Kohiruimaki vs. Joeri Mes via KO Round 3

Fight #5: Reserve Fight #2: K-1 Rules
Buakaw Por. Pramuk vs. Black Mamba via KO Round 1

Fight #6: K-1 Rules
Haruaki Otsuki vs. Ryuji Kajiwara via Decision

Fight #7: ISKA World Light Weight Title Match:
Susumu Daiguji vs. Daisuke Uematsu via KO Round 1

Fight #8: Final: K-1 Rules
MASATO vs. Artur Kyshenko via Extra Round Decision