Evolution 27Making a Comeback

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Elite Boxing came out a winner in Malaysia on May 31st, with the re-launch of Evolution at a black tie gala event at the One World Hotel just outside Kuala Lumpur.

Anton-Petrov-vs.-Frank-Paredez-VilchizAustralia’s popular Muay Thai event brand, Evolution was recently acquired by Elite Boxing. Ending a two year hiatus, Evolution hit the comeback trail with an event that scored a number of firsts. Beyond the first Evolution event to be organized by Elite Boxing, it was also the first Evolution branded production outside of Australia.


Ain MuaMalay (Malaysia) vs. Wasim Sor Keawseuk (South Africa)
Winner: Ain MuayMalay by Technical Knock Out (TKO)

Yeang Fei “Ferrari” (Malaysia) vs. Natthaphon Chaowalit (Thailand)
Winner: Yang Fei by Knock Out (KO)

Kai Chee (Malaysia) vs. Veselin Veselinov (Bulgaria)
Winner: Vesselin Veselinov by Points

Teerapong (Thailand) vs. Bruce MacFie (Australia)
WINNER: Teerapong by Knock Out (KO)

Frank Paredez Vilchiz (Malaysia) vs. Anton Petrov (Bulgaria)
Winner: Anton Petrov by Points

Jom Kitti (Thailand) vs. Vahid Sor Keawseuk (Iran)
Winner: Jom Kitti by Points

Ali Yaakub (Malaysia) vs. Ghot Seur Noi (Thailand)
WINNER: Ghot Seur Noi by Points