Slamm 6 Doco

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

This gives a great overview of the early days of Muay thai in Europe
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Evolution 18 Melbourne results

Monday, November 2nd, 2009


Fight 1
Tom Murray (Sor.Naksoo) vs Stuart Palmer (Everlasting Geelong)
Tom got off to a good start and maintained it

Fight 2
Daniel Smyrk (Martial Mix) vs Michael Demetriou (Don Millar)
UPD Mike 300
Mike used his counter style to great effect

Fight 3
Cedric NTG Kongaika (NTG QLD) vs Phillip Salesa (Ultimate Hoppers Crossing)
UPD Cedric
Some big shots between these monsters! Phil started off well but Cedric just took his time.

Fight 4
Andy Colgrave (Martial Mix) vs Superboi (Ultimate Airport West)
Superboi wins in 4R by multiple cuts

Fight 5
Angie Parr (Boonchu QLD) vs Nicole Brolan (Don Millar)
Maj Draw, so no title! Rematch???

Fight 6
Jared Grigor (Sor.Jaiphet) vs Brett Franklin (Sityodtong)
Brett wins before 4R, Jared’s calf injury has flared up. Brett was dominating until this.

Fight 7
Dane ‘Daddy Cool’ (NTG QLD) vs Prasert (WMC Thailand)
Prasert wins in 2R from head kick, he had 2 dangerous techniques, one was a high front push kick that
came out of nowhere, and the other was the head kick that lopped over the guard, this one dropped Dane clean. Nugget threw in the towel but I think it was deemed a KO.

Fight 8
Soren (NTG QLD) vs Naruepon (Fairtex)
Naruepon wins by clean head kick in 1R, Soren dropped cleanly but eventually gets up.

Fight 9
Paul Slowinski (Flinders Uni SA) vs Ben Edwards (Bulldog ACT)
Sting wins by leg kicks 3R, after downing Ben numerous times. Ben was all heart though and was not going to give up, he was leaving it to either the ref or doctor who were both concerned. Sting is world class, big things coming up for both these big boys no doubt!

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Master Sken World title fights

Monday, November 2nd, 2009
Master Sken show poster

Master Sken show poster

This show has a great line up of fighters including the awesome Saenchai.