WBC Jamaica results

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Thai star Lamsongkram Chuwatana won every round against French champion Farid Villaume and easily defended his WBC MUAYTHAI Middleweight crown in Montengo Bay Jamaica on the 20th June.

Lamsongkram broke Farid’s right rib cage in the second round with strong knees. He then extended his points advantage to run out an easy winner..

On the same card WBC defending super welterweight champions Yodsaenklai Fairtex proved too strong for Malaipet Team Diamond.

Yodsaenklai dominated Malaipet over three rounds and Malapiet was unable to come out for the fourth round due to cuts inflicted by Yod’s dangerous elbows.

Steve McKinnon teep kick

The third WBC MUAYTHAI World Title was won by Super Cruiserweight Australian Steve McKinnon, who showed great strength and heart to triumph over Dutch toughman “bad boy” Ashwin Balrak.

McKinnon started strong and never let up to win the vacant title by a comfortable margin.

K-1 Scandinavia MAX 2008

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Results of the K1 Scandinavia tournament- nice line up.

Nong Thoom “lady boy” wins his/her fight by split decision and the legendary Yodsaenkli won his fight

Tournament Reserve Fight

Nordås defeated Slustik at 2:57 in the 2 round by TKO.

Super Fight #1 WMC Featherweight European title

Foster defeated Marquez at 0:41 in the 4 round by referee stoppage TKO (Cut).

Tournament Quarter Finals

Karlsson defeated Daniel at 1:05 in the 3 round by TKO.

Öberg defeated Karlsson by three round unanimous decision (3-0).

Askerov defeated Tai at 0:41 in the 2 round by referee stoppage TKO (Eye injury).

Pique defeated Macfie at 0:21 in the 3 round by right knee strike KO.

Super Fight #2 WMC Female Junior Middleweight

Thoom defeated Johansson by three round split decision (2-1).

Super Fights #3 WMC Cruiserweight

Joof defeated Zoeylner by three round unanimous decision (3-0).

Tournament Quarter Finals

Öberg defeated Karlsson by extra round unanimous decision (3-0).

Askerov defeated Pique by extra round unanimous decision (3-0).

Super Fight #3

Kalakoda defeated Laursen by extra round unanimous decision (3-0).

Super Fights #4 WMC Middleweight World title

Fairtex defeated Levin at 0:40 in the 2 round by right hook KO.

Tournament Finals

Öberg defeated Askerov at 0:34 in the 3 round by referee stoppage TKO (Cut).

K1 Max Final

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

K1 Max is to be on Fox main event

See the trailer below

Contender Asia

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Don’t miss out on the Contender series on Fox sports every Thursday at 8.30pm

Check out the website for details of the fighters


Yodsankli Fairtex

WBC Jamaica 20th June – Great lineup

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Jamaica 20th June
WBC Muaythai Super Welterweight World Title
Malaipet Team Diamond (USA) vs Yodsaenklai Fairtex (Thailand, Current Welterweight Champion)

WBC Muaythai Middleweight World Title.
Lamsongkram Chuwattana (Thailand, Champion Middleweight) vs Farid Villaume (France )

WBC Muaythai Super Cruiserweight World Title.
Ashwin Balark – (Holland) vs Steve McKinnon (Australia)

IKF Pro Middleweight World Title.
John Wayne Parr (Australia) vs Marco Pique (Holland)

IKF Pro Cruiserweight World Title.
Manson Gibson (USA) vs Edwin Aguilar (Mexico)

IKF Pro Super Heavyweight World Title.
Rick Cheek (USA) vs Patrice Quattron (France)

IKF & IKKC Muaythai Light Heavyweight World Title.
Manu N’toh (USA, IKKC Champion) vs Vicente Vielvoye (Holland)

IKKC Muaythai Cruiserweight World Title.
Clifton Brown (Canada) vs Kaoklai Kannorasingh (Thailand)

IKKC Muaythai Women’s Lightweight World Title.
Germaine de Randamie (Holland, Champion) vs Julie Kitchen (England)

Baxter Humby (USA-Canada) vs Jiangtao Dong (China)

Thanks to Muay Thai online for this info

Knees Of Fury 21 Results

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Kym Johnson (SA) def Clayton Collier (QLD) via Unan Decision

Gary Williams def Martin Olzcak via Unan Decision (WMC SA State Super Middleweight Title)
David Gibb (SA) vs Lachlan Stewart (NSW) via R1 KO (6 or 7 punch combo KO, against the ropes – was like a video game.)
Shannon Jaensch (SA) def Daniel Smyrk (VIC) via Unan Decision (Shannon gave Daniel the winners trophy after the decision, though, as he thought Dan won)
Myles Simpson (SA) def Dimitri Iliev (NSW) via Unan Decision
Peter Slowinski (SA) def Michael Mansfield (Masa Gym – QLD) via Unan Decision
Jye Demmrich (SA) def Oliver Garas (Vavuzzi Gym – NSW) via Unan Decision

Dan Howe (Universal) def Matt Smedley (FUMT) via Unan Decision
Micheal Altamura (joip) def Kent Manos (southside) via Unan Decision
Dane Horrigan (warlocks) def Robbie Nienhaus (Barossa) via Unan Decision
Anita Pagnani (FUMT) def Adriana Matusicova (Christies) via Unan Decision
Scott Hughes (Sunrise) def Ben Fullendorf (fightclub) via Unan Decision
Adam Smith (Southside) DREW Dominico Amato (Fightclub)


Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

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